European Privacy Policy

CleverDo European Privacy Policy

November 2022, V02

While CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd. does not have operations in Europe, we are committed to ensuring full transparency for our members residing in the European Union under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (2017) (‘GDPR’), to ensure they are aware of all of the personal data we handle; specifically how we protect their personal data; and provide greater insight into how we use their personal information. 

For further information on GDPR, please visit:

CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd. Customer Service 

Tel: +1 604 330 0309

You may also contact us by mail or online: 
CleverDo Payment Technologies Ltd. 

Attention: Chief Privacy Officer 

SUITE 1700, 

777 Dunsmuir Street, 

V7Y1K4 Vancouver, 

British Columbia, Canada 


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